New peerings between Hurricane Electric and Level3?

Yesterday I was looking at some of the IPv4 and IPv6 session summaries on and saw that both the Equinix Los Angeles and Equinix Ashburn site routers have new IPv4 and IPv6 sessions (not yet running, but administratively up for about 6 days now) configured for AS3356.

I know they already peer IPv6, though not at those sites. Is this the first hint that HE and Level3 are coming around on an IPv4 and IPv6 peering agreement?

I’ve heard from the grape vine that this is due to the GBLX to Level3 transition, and it’s in fact paid IP transit.

Marty Strong

Intriguing. If it were only that though, wouldn’t they just still pick it up via TeliaSonera IC?

I did notice that in the past few months, TeliaSonera has been dropping AS3549 from spots where they had session with both AS3549 and with AS3356 and now reaches AS3549 via AS3356.

Depends on the market and how far along their migration is going. In experience with GTT (AS4436) they’re still not finished migrating everything to AS3257.

Marty Strong

I was actually surprised they didn’t just leave GBLX customers on AS3549, kill all external AS3549 peerings, and treat AS3549 downline as a Level3 customer, accepting L3 and GBLX communities from GBLX customers.

That seems more along the lines of what they’re doing with the AS4323 TW Telecom customers. (Though, in fairness, AS3356 has always carried AS4323 as a customer as far as I recall.) It will be interesting to see if whether they kill off AS4323 peerings.

Make the AS path longer, losing traffic, and therefore revenue?

Why would they do that?

The twtelecom customers cannot multi-home (most of them anyway). Most of 3549’s traffic has other paths to the Internet.

That’s an excellent point, actually.

Turns out my information from the grape vine was wrong *bows head in shame*.

Marty Strong