new operationally relevant papers from caida

CAIDA/UCSD: "Building a Better Netflow"
  to be presented at Sigcomm 2004

(we can write the papers, but you customers have to insist
on vendors improving measurement. pass on the word if not
the pdf file along w your zillion dollar purchase order. :slight_smile: )

MeasurementFactory/CAIDA (Duane Wessels):
  "Is Your Caching Resolver Polluting the Internet?"
  to be presented at Sigcomm 2004 troubleshooting workshop:

WIDE/CAIDA: "Identifying IPv6 Network Problems in the Dual-Stack World"
  [URL up at in a few days,
  same workshop as above]

[a workshop i reckon thoughtful NANOGers might enjoy attending
as well as offer mutually valuable insights to other attendees;
papers will be posted there eventually courtesy ACM]

for other sigcomm workshops you might find an interesting source
as well as destination of insights.

less operationally relevant, but for those who care about
what's afoot at CAIDA:

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