yet another dns namespace overlay play

[ this came from and appears not to be
  a joke. its operational impact will not be felt today, but if it's even
  moderately popular before it dies, operational impact WILL be felt. i'm
  quite surprised by some of the folks they list as their partners. --vix ]

  Claudia de Llano or Lisa Doiron
  Connors Communications
  (310) 452-7540 or

                                                  Brad Copeland
                                        , Inc.
                                         Expands Internet Naming With Launch of 20 New Top-Level Domain Names

         New Domain Name Registry's Technology Uses Existing Internet
       Naming System to Make Available Sensible, Meaningful Web Addresses

I wish more people would understand that just because
no one has implemented their idea before doesn't mean
that it wasn't thought of, then discarded as a bad idea.

Then again, that sort of humility is probably not
prevalent at a company named "IdeaLab!"