yet another dns namespace overlay play

This one sums it up the best for me. About a year ago, I attended a
talk by one of those 24-year-old megamillionaires who started out as a
DJ in some remote New England hick town and then found himself in the
Bay Area working at Oracle. At some point he decided to leave the
nest, and had to choose between two opportunities: helping to start an
Internet faxing company, or starting an online music-DJ service.

He pondered this briefly: faxing? DJing? Which would I rather do?

Well, of course he chose the more-fun DJ service, which landed him a
9-figure bank account and a job among the top ranks at AOL.

May those who chose the glamorous career path as Internet registrar/root
zone-grabber do quite so well.

Sheesh. Yawn.

And now let's return to our regularly scheduled discussion: how
do you config your router for that? (A browser plugin?? Ugh.)