New Natural Disaster! 8/27/2011 Hurricane Irene

I'm assuming he also has fully redundant water sources, fertilisers etc, along with a contract for replenishment and resupply.

Can't be too safe.

Why? All he needed to do is keep the tomato plant in a private cage

I hope you know I am filing a claim for storm damage with my county
(and possibly FEMA) for my tomato plant damage.


Sure, but it's not appropriately filtered to avoid contaminants, spikes and dips in the flow.


Interesting, Con Edison planning preemptive power outages..including
financial district..

A mis-interpretation of "what-if" plans. A shutdown in the area would occur only if a substation were flooded during the storm; which is no different than "what-if" a substation is flooded for any other reason.