New N.Y. Law Targets Hidden Net LD Tolls

Pardon my ignorance, but don't most phone companies require 10 digit dialing
for long-distance. We have similar situations in the rural area I live in,
but the customers know if they dial more than 7 digits, it WILL be long


If you are in an overlay area, such as MD, parts of NoVA and
many other states; then 10D is required for ALL local calls

MD does have 11D required for toll; but many states do not,
inc. Virginia.

(This topic is the "vs vs emacs" of the telco world, btw.
I'm strongly in the 11D for toll camp, but others I respect
[Hi Mr. Mayor] feel it's a PITA to dial 10D on every call..)

This may have been inspired by ISP-set POP #'s. In a case I
know of; a WebTV user did the setup via the 800#; and got told
"867-5309" was local and it was automagically loaded into the
WebTV box.

90 days later, the phone bill arrived...

Now on this one, throw the book at WebTV. If you are gonna make the settings
for the customer, you are responsibe for the results of your actions. But,
of course, I'm sure they have a disclaimer saying that it is your
responsibility to insure the number selected is a local call.

- Brian J