new mailing list: nanog-offtopic

I have created a mailing list,

It's only natural that, as a community of people as well as a
gathering of professional peers, we would feel the need to discuss
the non-operational aspects of events like the WTC bombing (and even
ones of far lesser magnitude) with the same people who's opinions we
value on technical topics. Unfortunatly, there's no escaping that
it swamps the signal-to-noise ratio on the main list.

I would like to extend an invitation to any and all
members to subscribe, and continue the various fascinating (seriously)
side-discussions we've been having there. Agreement with my personal
views is not a criterion for membership -- I expect to be as largely
an invisible administrator there as Susan is here.

To subscribe, send email to
from the account you wish to receive the mail at.

My thanks to you all,

-Nathan J. Mehl

p.s. my apologies if this has already been done elsewhere; a
     cursory seach of my own nanog archives did not turn it up.

"The beauty you like is precisely that which escapes you." (--Issey Miyake)