New IPv4 Allocation to ARIN

Alternatively, the RIRs might consider doing this sort of thing before
allocating IPs from new blocks. I know it's not their job to make sure
IPs are routable (especially not on every remote network), but as holders
of all the IPs, they are in the best position to setup such test sites
that would expose problems before they're dumped on members.

And it would be nice if the RIRs funded and supported the
bogon project that Cymru is running now. Now that the
self-organizing RIRs have reached the stage where they
have all signed a joint agreement, perhaps they could
consider running some joint projects like these?

In the interim, perhaps you could shift this address
range testing under the Cymru banner? This would make it
more likely that people will hear about it because the
bogon project is beginning to get some notoriety.

Or, perhaps IANA could even do this before assigning an IP block to an

IANA no longer exists.

It's true that the DoC has a contract with ICANN under which ICANN
performs the former IANA functions but it is a mistake to
assume that there is even a single vestige of an IANA organization
that can think or do anything that is not already on its
list of daily activities.

--Michael Dillon

That would be slightly unfair for ARIN to fund one project (unless they
want to actually do it themselve), considering that are several people
doing bogon projects and team cymru's is actually the simpler one.
ARIN could however do more to help, such as providing special temporary
test blocks on request (or do testing itself before assignments are made
and report results), providing notification before ip block is actually
used. I do note that recent policies concerning IANA which I think we
passed on last meeting, is that ARIN and other RIRs will request ip block
6 months ahead of its projections, perhaps it would be good idea if
somebody from ARIN were to comment if this was done this time and if so,
when is it projected that this ip block will start to be used. wrote:

ARIN could however do more to help, such as providing special temporary test blocks on request

Perhaps ARIN (or others) could supply their respective portions of unallocated space to a common BOGON project?