New Internet Routing Statistics


Just so you can stop searching your archives....

Sean Doran writes:

[stuff deleted]
Well, I went digging, and couldn't find any relevant email
on the first pass. Perhaps such a message will find its way
to the appropriate people (maybe for the second time, if we
lost things on this end), so we know what routing
information is wanted and where and when, and what exactly
it will be used for.

I see no difficulty with announcing routes to the RA
specifically for gathering the sorts of statistics they have
been thinking about. Indeed, I believe that I have made
this clear in public places a number of times in the past.

Sprintlink is already peering with the route servers at MAE-East.
Please go ahead and announce full routes to both of those route
servers at 1900 EST today, (April 3). The RA will respect your
request to not propogate the routes. The routing information
learned from Sprintlink will be used to generate reports such
as: a) the internet routing table, b) daily count of prefixes
announced and withdrawn, c) daily invalid route announcments,
and d) trends in routing information.

Since Sprintlink is not yet peering with the route servers
at the AADS, PacBell and Sprint NAPs, please fill out the
route server peering template (
for each of the other three NAP locations. As soon as the
peering sessions are established, announce full routes to
those route servers. The same conditions that are described
(no propogation of routes and generation of reports) will

If you have any further questions, please send email to

If there are other organizations who wish to initiate peering sessions
with the route servers, please fill out the template on the web
page or send email to

This is good news, Sean.