New Intercage upstream

Marco d'Itri wrote:

Look at what else this AS is announcing:

Cernel, UkrTeleGroup and Inhoster are all aliases of Esthost. These
are their blocks that are physically operated by Intercage, so it's
not surprising they're to be found together.

PIE is another colo operation housed at the same facility as Intercage
(200 Paul Avenue, SF). Their focus appears to be hosting Japanese
sites in the US (colo inside Japan itself has historically been quite
expensive). They may well be unaware of the nature of their

I don't know if this AS is evil, and quite possibly it isn't. However, it has every intention of keeping Atrivo / Intercage as a slient. Perhaps we need to talk to their transit providers, after all, it is the exact same network just somewhere else. No changes.