New IANA IPv6 Allocations

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This is to inform you that the IANA has allocated the following
three (3) IPv6 /23 blocks to RIPE NCC, ARIN, and APNIC

   2001:4000::/23 RIPE NCC Jun 04
   2001:4200::/23 ARIN Jun 04
   2001:4400::/23 APNIC Jun 04

In addition to the above allocations, it should be noted that ARIN has
returned their most recently allocated IPv6 block, 2001:3C00::/23 to the
IANA, which has marked that block and the one immediately following it
"reserved" in anticipation of a possible future allocation to the RIPE
NCC. IANA would like to formally thank ARIN for their willingness to
operate in the best interests of the Internet community.

For a full list of IANA IPv6 allocations please see:

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Doug Barton
General Manager, The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority