New IANA IPv4 DE-allocations and bogon updates

[ Apologies to those who have received this post in other fora. ]

The numerous Team Cymru bogon projects have been updated to reflect the
following IANA DE-allocations on March 31, 2003:

173/8 Apr 03 IANA - Reserved
174/8 Apr 03 IANA - Reserved
175/8 Apr 03 IANA - Reserved
176/8 Apr 03 IANA - Reserved
177/8 Apr 03 IANA - Reserved
178/8 Apr 03 IANA - Reserved
179/8 Apr 03 IANA - Reserved
180/8 Apr 03 IANA - Reserved
181/8 Apr 03 IANA - Reserved
182/8 Apr 03 IANA - Reserved
183/8 Apr 03 IANA - Reserved
184/8 Apr 03 IANA - Reserved
185/8 Apr 03 IANA - Reserved
186/8 Apr 03 IANA - Reserved
187/8 Apr 03 IANA - Reserved
189/8 Apr 03 IANA - Reserved
190/8 Apr 03 IANA - Reserved

Note well: These are IP DE-allocations which increases the number of
Bogon networks! Also note that 188/8 is NOT part of the list above.

IANA allocations change over time, so please check regularly to ensure
you have the latest filters if you are not using the bogon BGP feed(s).
We do announce updates to the bogon projects to the FIRST community, as
well as on lists such as NANOG, isp-routing, isp-security, isp-bgp,
cisco-nsp, and bogon-announce. We can not stress this point strongly
enough - these allocations change. If you do not adjust your filters,
you will be unable to access perhaps large portions of the Internet.
Worse yet, you may end up blocking access for people who transit through

Please do not blindly apply any filters or blocks to your network
without carefully considering the ramifications of doing so.

As a point of reference, the master Bogon Reference Page can be found

A quick summary of the documents and projects that have been updated
include the following:

   The Bogon List
   The Text Bogon List, Unaggregated
   The Text Bogon List, Aggregated
   Secure BIND Template
   Secure IOS Template (Cisco)
   Secure BGP Template (Cisco)
   Secure JUNOS Template (Juniper)
   Secure JUNOS BGP Template (Juniper)
   Ingress Prefix Filter Templates, Loose and Strict (Cisco)
   Ingress Prefix Filter Template, Loose (Juniper)
   Ingress Prefix Filter Template, Strict (Juniper)
   Bogon route-server *

   Bogon ( zone

   Bogon prefix monitoring

* All of the bogon peers have received the appropriate BGP prefix

Please feel free to contact Team Cymru with any comments, questions, or

Steve, for Team Cymru. []

Sorry for the request, but is anyone out there
familiar with Extreme network gear being implemented
in a Cisco environment? Specifically EIGRP and HSRP
problems. Wondering if theres a good template to
go by or if I have to bridge a bunch of ports.

please contact me off list for the details, and thanks.