New IANA IPv4 allocation for APNIC (124/8, 125/8, 126/8)

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This is to inform you that the IANA has allocated the following
three (3) IPv4 /8 blocks to APNIC:

124/8 APNIC
125/8 APNIC
126/8 APNIC

For a full list of IANA IPv4 allocations please see:

- -- Doug Barton
General Manager, The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

I'm sorry, but I just can't resist posting link to my previous mail on
nanog-l regarding prediction on future IANA allocations: will of course get updated automaticly and
does not depend on single IANA allocations (nor would the data change
until APNIC actually starts allocating the blocks), although some changes
to commentary/descriptions on top of data files will be made.

But for those using it, I did update my IANA allocated ip blocks file:

And since I probably did not post about it before, there is also:

Ups, this was supposed to be: