new guest room SSID for NANOG

Very nice. I wonder if this is an option we could try to use in future meetings. It makes sense, really, since we already have decent connectivity for the conference areas, and we wouldn't be destroying the hotel's outside connection (only their WiFi :wink: )

With enough leverage in the contracting process, you may be able to
get them to agree to allow such (particularly since it can be next
to impossible to get a configuration clueful person involved early
in the process...)

Whether they can actually deliver (i.e. do they have any control
over their own wireless network, any onsite staff that actually
knows networking, etc.) plus the potential liability that results
from changing that configuration is entirely another matter.

Nearly every hotel you contract with for the first time results in
a different scenario, but I agree it is worth keeping in mind for
the hotels that have competent on-site access since diverting the
hotel room traffic for conference attendees improves performance
for everyone.

There was a reason the IETF kept going back to Minneapolis for
meetings and it wasn't just the wild rice porridge at Hell's Kitchen.

The Hilton there was extremely geek friendly and allowed us to take
over both show floor and room networks. Great venue for network...

- Lucy