New GRH feature: Missing IPv6 prefixes => Many ISP's need IPv6 filter updates!


It seems that there are quite a few ISP's with IPv6 capabilities that
are nicely filtering. Of course they also forget to actually update
those filters.

Blocks that are filtered by quite a number of ISP's that should not be
filtered are: 2001:500::/30, 2001:678::/29, 2400::/16, 2600::/12,
2620::/23, 2a00::/16, and 2a01::/16

Note that some of these also have blocks upto /48's because of IPv6 PI
space and micro allocations. Pay also special attention to 2001:678::/29
as that contains RIPE's Anycast TLD prefixes sized /48. It seems that
these are nicely filtered out (then again RIPE stuck it in the middle of
a block where only /32's come from normally)

The recommended filters can be found here:

Please check your filters, to be able to easily able to do what you are
missing, you can use the following new GRH features:

Want to know what ISP's are missing your prefix? See:
enter your prefix and look at the bottom.

Want to know which ISP's filter what exactly?
For ASN's peering with GRH, those can be looked up at:
see under the heading for Missing prefixes, select and go.

There are cross references between the tools so that you can look it
easily from both references.

Not peering with GRH yet? Check
and show the world that your IPv6 routing tables are okay. Which
benefits you, but also other folks as they can check without having to
find where to debug it :wink:

Of course, for comments, questions, suggestions, bug reports, don't
hesitate to yell to!

Enjoy the week :wink: