New Denial of Service Attack on Panix

On a less technical note:

I think it is somewhat important to point out that
one long term solution to these problems is for commercial orgs to
fund, either together or alone, R&D efforts that support
the reliability and robustness of their operations.

Many, in the words of Roger Waters, are 'riding the
gravey train' by exploiting the Internet for profit without
contributing back into the community. In short, however
harsh it sounds, denial-of-service-attacks are old-tech, low-tech,
ways to exploit TCP/IP weaknesses that have been around
for a long time.

How about commercial organizations (such as NANOG, CIX) expanding
their charter to basic R&D into reinforcing security weaknesses
within their mutual are of commerical interest?

Or, as it seems, do commercial organizations just cry out for help
and wait for another handout?

Sorry for the 'antisocial, un-bonding, non-obsequious, slash
of cold water in the face of this thread', but another RFC,
BCP, XYZ is not the answer. This is not the pre-commerical
internet days, and it is past-due for commerical providers
of Internet services and products to regenerate some
of their profits into R&D, don't you think?