New Denial of Service Attack on Panix

  I liked the rest of your message more than the first sentence.

  I agree that this will be hard to accomplish. The key point, one that
I hope everyone on the NANOG and IEPG lists take to heart, is your 200-
year-old phrase that we will surely "hang together or hang separately".
The Panix attack undercuts every enterprise that attempts to promise to
users that they will be able to use the Internet to get their work done.

  I hope that users, providers, and vendors will cooperate on moving
forward on all three of:
        - source address filtering near the edges of the network
        - improved TCP software in the hosts
        - improved technology and operational routines for tracing attacks.
If one of these three thrusts is inconvenient to your part of the Internet,
don't take much comfort in assuming that the problem will be solved by
everyone making dramatic progress on the other two.

        -- Guy