New Denial of Service Attack on Panix


There is no reason to be hostile to me, I'm not the attacker.

But, now that we know the problem is random IP source addresses
as guessed, the problem is more complex, but solvable.

Steve Bellovin and Bill Cheswick, who literally wrote the book on
firewalls, don't agree with you. Ask them if you care to.

Great. I was building firewalls before B & C wrote the book,
what should we do, bow three time and roll over and play dead.
What mantra should we chant?

God, you're an arrogant @#$%, aren't you.

Yes, technically arrogant but not necessarily an @#$%. just an
engineer with lots of hours with hands on experience and
have not met many problems that were not solvable, okay
fusion and time travel are tough and I can't build a
Tokamak in my basement :slight_smile:

Instead of being negative, I prefer to too at the problem and
define it in detail. How does that sound? Or shall we
just throw sticks and knives at one another and resort
to name calling. That will certainly fix it, Perry!