New Cisco Vulnerability

Ok, I see that my humor was lost on several people who flamed me... Come
on people, when have we ever looked to University networks for security!

We have come a long way though. In terms of dealing with security
issues, I think we've definitely moved from the level of a cable-modem
end user to around the level of a Tier-2 ISP :slight_smile:

Eric :slight_smile:

PS: In case there is any confusion, from what I've seen, I think Cisco
definitely did the right thing. They found a nasty bug in their lab testing.
They went back and patched almost every freaking version of code, even ones
people probably shouldn't be running. In terms of notifications, it first
went to the US government (i.e. Homeland security, FBI, etc), then the major
backbone players who comprise the core of the Internet and provide an
overwhelmingly large percentage of the Internet's transit, then informed the
general public. In addition, they're keeping the details secret (though
I'm sure someone pretty soon will reverse-engineer the attack) but providing
details on how to protect against it (i.e. upgrade or use this ACL).