New Alaskan Network

Unusual in that it will traverse Canada to reach the lower 48.


It is internally inconsistent. Perhaps this is just shoddy reporting,
or perhaps the whole thing is just someone's idea of a wet dream.

"The line will begin in North Pole, Alaska and will travel through
Canada, connecting with Canadian carriers, where it will finally connect
with “any major hub” in the US"

"According to the press release, only internet traffic that both
originates and terminates in the US will be carried over the network."


(1) Why interconnect with Canadian Carriers at all?
(2) "Any major hub"?
(3) Only traffic originated and terminated in the US.

Given (3) then (1) is a useless waste of money.
Given (2) it would appear that this is a "fibre to nowhere"
Given (3) it would not provide access to the Internet

The verge is garbage. That is all.


Seems hard to justify without government subsidies for rural broadband.