Never seen before! Gucci Prada Chanel, Bally, Dsquared, Sold for less than cost�WOW

Ladies and Gentlemen, Get Ready for..

Thought I would let you know about the Fashion Footwear SPRING Sale!
Men and Women Designer Shoes, Heels, Sandals and Boots, All Half-OFF,
Buy Direct, Forget Department Store Prices, Get Exclusive 2008 D&G, Gucci, Versace, Prada, Chanel, Christian Dior, Dsquared, Uggs and More!
FREE International Shipping on all Orders!

Is this what the mail list has come to?

Express invitations for blackholing from the spammers. =)

- billn

Thanks god we're not receiving out-of-office replies via ml.

Logan, Robert wrote:

Can I get a size 43 wide with steel toes suitable for kicking routers
somewhere proximal to the red buttons?

In a comfortable office casual subdued pastel?

Honestly, I hadn't thought of that. This could be spun as a feature.
Have your spam filters feed a script which null-routes the URLs....
Nah, too easy to abuse, but still. :slight_smile:

Perhaps we should have a list rule that anyone silly enough to be
infected and spew spam gets their posting privs removed until they beg

I haven't gotten that yet...and I don't see it in my spam filters...what do the headers show?


Oops I stand corrected...I got it too :-x


If we could arrange to see some samples in person I'm sure I could
rustle up some other list members to meet you with our, um,


We're aware of the issue, and we'll work with Merit to fix it. Please
refrain from posting similar "me too"-style comments on this
particular thread.

In the future, please note that if you have comments regarding
operation of the list or something that just doesn't look right, you
can contact the MLC and mailing list admins directly at: Your ongoing patience and support is, as always,
very much appreciated.

Thank you!

- Tim