networks with many issues

I've come across a few requests for reports with over 10,000 issues. for the net ops folks that might have huge blocks with many issues -- what is the most relivant information? Also, how does one go about solving a large set of issues across a huge address space?

Basickly I'm wondering if I can't build some tools to make life easyer and use the reports as an input to the tools.

Also I'd be interested in how large reports should be broken down. I have the issue, address, reverse dns, source and timestamp. would it be best to group the report by issue type.

The issues I am track are
    Open Proxy (http, socks, other)
    Website with vunerabilities
    Spam source( spammed honney pot, spamtrap)
    Open Relay (smtp)

Understand the timestamp is the time I saw the issue from the RBL. I import data at best hourly and the DNSRBLs don't all have timestamps for their data.

I am generaly interested in understanding how to produce information and tools that the large operaters can utilize effectively.

I'd appreciate any thoughts and ideas on how to hande these problems.