Network trend and right planning

Hi all,

I'm going to make a medium term (4~5 years) plan of our IP core/backbone network.
Currently our backbone network is providing MPLS L3 VPN service and internet access service.
Most of our platform is based on c7500 or 6509 (sup3 base). it is the right time we have to change our platform and service structure.
Nowadays, most of people (network admin & vendor) say that current trend is data and voice convergence or
Ethernet based MPLS backbone, qos for multimedia service. but I wonder those things would really provide our customers more value
and give us more profit. and then It doesn't seem to be in demands yet. every customers don't want to pay more for qos and
they don't care which technique is applied on their circuit.
I would like to make more realistic plan from the viewpoint of customer needs.
Could anyone advice me where I can get useful reference about that ?

best regards