network quality measurement probes+reporting

Anyone can recommend or even just name drop network quality measurement kit?

I'm only familiar with IP SLA, RPM and Creanord (and various inhouse tools:)

What I'd like to see
  - 1us or better one-way jitter (no need for clock sync, just accurate clock)
  - tens or 100us one-way latency (as good as cheaply can get sync, ntp is ok)
  - 1us or better RTT
  - any-to-any measurement, not just hub<->spoke (or sufficiently cheap hub)
  - 100pps to 100 measurement points on 8 CoS (ish, less may be acceptable)
  - randomized payload pattern + verification (to catch bit mangling)
  - randomized sport/dport (to put traffic in each ECMP/LAG combo, long term)
  - programmatic accesss and useful documents to measurement data (e.g. some OSS TSDB)
  - high quality, fast, useful graphical reporting and alarming
  - support for TWAMP and OWAMP responders
  - indicative price <100kEUR CAPEX and <2000EUR YRC for 100 nodes solution

The licenses can get pricey, but AppNeta is worth a look.


Perhaps you've considered this already ... not sure if it gets 1us or not
: bwctl?



   - any-to-any measurement, not just hub<->spoke (or sufficiently cheap hub)

May I add:

- local data caching on probes (don't want to see holes in data if central collector/NMS is unavailable for short period)
- DHCPv4/6 support with possibility to do periodic release/renew