Network Providers (bandwidth-only and others)

I am trying to categorize service providers into:
(A) those who provide bandwidth only to end users or to other providers
(perhaps Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and many regional and national ISPs fall in
this category).
(B) those who provide network-related services other than bandwidth
(hosting, storage, computing). Everything such as Amazon SSS, EC2, Akamai,
GoDaddy, etc. falls here.
(C) those who provide a mix of bandwidth only and non-bandwidth only
services (many local ISPs and perhaps AOL?)

It would be great if you could provide input by answering the VERY brief
questions below (either privately or on the list). I will share the
compilation and maintain privacy if that is important to you. It would be
great if I get responses from small as well as larger providers on the list
(you know who you are :slight_smile: ).

1. Which category do you fall in (A, B, or C)?

2. How many POPs/Datacenters do you own?

3. If you belong to C, then per unit of your revenue in each category, what
in your opinion requires more electricity: the bandwidth-provisioning
equipment (routers, switches, MuXes, etc.) or the hosting/storage equipment
(servers, SAN, etc.)?

4. If you belong to C, can you make a rough guess of the ratio of
electricity required by bandwidth provisioning equipment to hosting/storage
equipment, per unit of revenue in each case?

Thanks for your input.