Network Operations Luminaries?

Interesting. I wonder if we're discussing two separate events. The one I
knew of supposedly involved a regex with a misplaced .*, which seems like
a fairly fundamentally different lesson. Both valuble, though...

I was downstream from 2551 at the time of their, um, big event. A
botched regex that led to external BGP routes being redistributed into
OSPF is what sources that I considered reliable explained to me as the
cause. Reports on the length of the outage varied, but I think
official reports were from the time of the initial failure until their
core was stable, because my network was down well over 24 hours, and I
seem to recall the "official" times as shorter.

As for the previous question in this thread, 12.1 that I'm currently
running treats "no red bgp subn route-m <name>" the same as "no red
bgp" (for any value of <name>, including values that don't match what's
already there). I have no reason to believe that the 11.x that Netcom
was presumably running at the time was any different.

     -- Brett