Network nerd poker night 11/8 in Seattle

If there are any network+poker nerds in the Seattle area tomorrow, we have 5 seats left at a network nerd poker night I'm hosting tomorrow night.

Attendees are from cloud, content provider, hosting, infra services, travel, and SaaS analytics industries.

We'll have food, drinks, a training session, and will be running ~3 single-table No Limit Texas Hold'em tournaments.

If there's time/interest afterwards I may also initiate anyone interested into the wonders of Pot Limit Omaha.

Prizes will be Bose head sets, to avoid corporate gift issues with playing for or awarding $.

It's at the W Hotel in Bellevue, at 6pm tomorrow night.

The focus is poker, socializing, and free-form network tech, business, and policy nerd discussions. Travel and gadget geeking allowed as well. Kentik is sponsoring the space, tables, and professional dealers, and we'll have a < 5 minute sponsor presentation.

RSVP / info @

If it overflows we'll cut off RSVPs at the URL and/or let people know by email.

We're also going to organize to do another in Seattle in Feb and larger ones in NY and the Bay area in Q1, so if you have interest or ideas for format or quick content topics we could cover, please let me know. One thing we're considering is adding a table for heads-up battles - participants to decide if they want to add peering as part of the stakes.



This sounds very awesome, and much better than when I first read this as
a poker party for the DoD address space (



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