Network Naming Conventions

We use confidence inspiring names here for our devices, shakey, broken, jitter, crusty....


Nice, I've used mountains (Denali, Everest, Olympus, etc) in the past to
name systems. Used profanity for awhile to name machines, there's
really quite a bit of it, and every language has it's own set, giving a
large pool to choose from. Sadly, when outages occurred, it was
somewhat difficult to determine which machines were down, and this was


Greg Whynott wrote:

Being in the IDS business mostly involved with Snort, I've given my sensors "pig names" in the past.

Wilbur, Arnold, Lechoncito....

Ah, try endangered plants/animals :slight_smile:

Antonio Querubin
808-545-5282 x3003

Can always call a router "packetloss".

I used to use the names of transformers :wink: