Network Monitoring Tool

I would like to announce the availability of my network monitoring
tool version 0.78 to the public.

  This program does various great things that Rover and other such
freeware unix tools should have implemented a long time ago :slight_smile:

  It does monitoring of the following services: icmp, http, smtp,
  nntp, pop3, imap, and various udp and tcp port monitoring.

(More test types are currently under development, such as nameservers,
snmp tests, radius and xtacacs).

  The big advantage over most of the other tools out there is
the ability to build network dependencies. Included is a brief config
file example that you may want to use within your network: ping localnet my@pager { ping core2.router my@pager { ping mae-east my@pager ping mae-west my@pager

  There is various client software that has been built for talking
to the monitoring server, include a java, (n)curses, and python clients
that distribute with the program.

  I'm happy to take feature requests. If you have the time, and the
need, could you please test and give your feedback to me? I think this
will help make network operations go a little bit better for some of
the folks out there, both large and small.

  I'm currently working on the next version that has major code
revisions to speed up the checks further, but it currently beats out
most of the monitoring tools that folks are using.

  You can obtain the program from:

  It should build on almost any UNIX machine out there, if you encounter
problems, please let me know. I will take no more of your time, please
direct comments, feedback and flames directly to me, i've set the reply-to:

  - Jared