Network Engineer salaries?

While this is not an operational issue directly, it certainly is indirectly!

We are discussing and trying various ways to get a good perspective on
Network Engineer salaries: what do you have to pay staff to be competitive
in today's job market? I realize this varies from locale to locale but
people do move a lot these days.

If you are willing, please email to me directly (please don't bother the
list) what you think the salary range (low/average/high not including
benefits) for the following general job classifications is today:

1) Network Technicians: The staff who watch the monitors, answer the
phones, maintain status quo, and generally resolve first level problems;

2) Network Engineers: The staff who resolve difficult problems, design
network extensions and enhancements, and manage new installations;

3) Network Designers: The highest level of 'cluefulness' who design new
networks and may also manage the rest of the staff (in their spare time :-).

Please try to be as realistic as possible. Please indicate the locale in
which your figures would apply.

Thanks in advance,
  David Wasley
  University of California