Network end users to pull down 2 gigabytes a day, continuously?

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This might be sooner than you think. Microsoft has already begun introduction of PNRP. This is a peer-to-peer distribution technology for encapsulating IPv6 within IPv4. It also works through IPv6 gateways (not included by Microsoft). The frobs would be any Vista or XP box running this protocol allowing a new type of multicast to exist (a proprietary one at that). Perhaps that might explain the non-partisan computing bill-boards. : )

Singapore is restricting bandwidth on bittorrent, so one might wonder whether the same response is possible with this technology should it prove problematic. With many announcing the onset of Web 3.0, 10 mbit connectivity would suggest sustained data rates at this level should not be a problem. Photons are cheaper than physical media. The question might be whether Ethernet can handle media delivered on-demand over IP.