Network-Automation discussion mailing list created

I've created a Network-Automation mailing list for discussions of issues related to automating network configuration and management, including (but not limited to) methods, mechanisms, techniques, philosophies, policies, and products.

Since 1990 or so, much of the research in the system administration field has focused on automation. It's now well accepted that a well-run operation doesn't manage 10,000 servers individually, but rather uses tools like cfengine to manage definitions of those servers and then create instances of those servers as needed. In the networking world, though, most of us seem to be still manually configuring (and reconfiguring) every device. That's starting to change, though, and I've created the Network-Automation mailing list as a forum to help advance that change.

See the list's web page for more information, to view archives, or to subscribe:

I look forward to some interesting discussions there, and I hope you'll join us!


In the spirit of making CAN-SPAM useful, and extending the reasonable recourse NANOG provides end users against harvesting, can you update your AUP to specifically (and publically) prohibit the harvesting of email addresses from list traffic or web visible archives for the purpose of commercial mailings?

- billn

Sure, that sounds like a good idea. Can you point me at any suggested language, or any other list's version of this policy, which I can use as a template?




"Harvesting of email addresses from this mailing list, or web visible archives, for the purposes of commercial mailings, is prohibited."


- billn

I've added the following the the "Policies" section of the Network-Automation list (it's a little more general than what you suggested):

  Harvesting of email addresses from this mailing list or its
  archives for any purpose (but particularly commercial mailings)
  is prohibited.

Thanks for the suggestion!