Netrail woes (was Re: Atlanta-NAP down (fwd))

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Vary much not correct. All of our WORLDCOM circuits have been paid, and
never were late. Worldcom terminated our service because NetRail refused
to pay over 300K in circuits that NetRail never ordered. We have paid
them this amount to get our network back up.

Since this seems to be an on-going problem...

How about creating a _new_ list called nanog-chat which can be used
for this sort of purpose. This way, when somebody feels like chatting
_AND HAS THE TIME_, they can skip over to the list, scan for a thread
that looks interesting and participate. The regular nanog list can
then be kept free of this clutter that many of us do not have time
for. (My current inbox of nanog stuff is over 3,000 messages and it's
a loosing battle. Doing _something_ to help the signal-to-chat ratio
would be most helpful.)