Netrail woes (was Re: Atlanta-NAP down (fwd))

According to the folk who answered over there, they are saying that
'Worldcom is done, and it should be resolved within an hour.'

Also, it only appears that thier primary DNS is down, but secondary is OK:

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
7 ( 20.514 ms 27.583 ms 27.301 ms
8 ( 46.077 ms 40.92 ms 40.871 ms
9 ( 39.081 ms 63.107 ms 66.406 ms
10 ( 38.71 ms 33.085 ms 26.207 ms

The Atlanta NAP ( run by Nathan Stratton) is down,
probably for good. We're a customer (luckily a multihomed one!), and
the word is WORLDCOM pulled all their circuits due to debts. So all the mailing lists and stuff will be down too.

You know, although I do feel bad for Netrail and its
customers, I did read this with a keen appreciation for
the irony, given Mr Stratton's public comments about how
badly BBN's power system was misdesigned for allowing them
to take multi-hour outages, particularly in light of the
fact that the outage in question was beyond BBN's
immediate ability to fix, and not BBN's fault.

It didn't have the personal tastiness of Mr Bass's
unfortunate encounter with bad weather a year or so ago,
but frankly, I can't help but engage in schadenfreude

I also wonder how the millions of GRFs and the billions of other
high-tech expensive pieces of equipment in Netrail's large
network Mr Stratton often commented upon are coping right

One final extract, from