NETOPS PLANNING: april 23-25 in Washington DC

dredd@megacity.ORG (Derek Balling) writes:

God I love this country. :slight_smile: What? You want access to your personal
property? Too bad, the SS, I mean Secret Service says "Nein!".

Well, there was a smiley in there. Before this veers too far off-topic,
I would make this comment. After being on the other side during the Pope's
visit to St. Louis in January trying to move VIPs around the city (the
Secret Service has very cool credentials which melt and turn colors if
you try to photocopy them), I've seen how hard the US Secret Service tries
to assure property owners, tenents, etc access to their property. But
sometimes it takes a bit of explaining before the officer manning the
barricade understands why a person from Missouri needs to wheel a
Cisco GSR router through the middle of a secure area in Washington DC in
the middle of the night. If nothing else, the officer would question his
sanity. Any sane person would want to drive directly into the gated garage :slight_smile:


If something does go down over the weekend, we'll have it back up as fast
as we can. There may be a few 'force majure' reasons why it takes a bit
longer than normal. Thank you for your understanding.