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If I am seeing a routing problem, is Jared's list an appropriate place to
check for contacts at the ISP with the problem?

One hopes so.


Roland Dobbins wrote:

If I am seeing a routing problem, is Jared's list an appropriate place to
check for contacts at the ISP with the problem?

One hopes so.

Come on, it usually is :slight_smile:

Also for all IPv6 related Operational Discussions:
The ipv6-ops Archives

I'll also abuse this mail to spam something (already posted there):
On 2007-04-01 I will release a new GRH Tool dubbed:

Longest Distance Routing

What it exactly will do will be shown then.

Small hint: check up and fix your BGP tables.


I think the list he's talking about is this one:

  I'm not aware of anyone yelling at folks for technical
discussions on that list. The audience isn't as broad as nanog
i'm sure.

  - jared

Oh, I thought he meant the NOC list you maintain, not an email list, my mistake.

No, actually it's the website you maintain at I was not
sure whether the contacts on that site are to be used for a specific
purpose (routing, abuse, etc.) or whether they're just general contacts.
I'd go look at the site except I don't remember the URL either. :slight_smile:

And I didn't want to post here saying "Can someone from $ISP contact me"
without doing due diligence first...

I need to rewrite the code for it to kill off various "service"
spammers. It'd be nice if I didn't have to blacklist some lame
french isp subnet for being infected with these owned/botted hosts.

  It may not be up to date due to this. Perhaps i'll find some
time in the near future to work on this instead of bowling on the wii :wink:

  - jared

Well, in that case, if anyone is reading from Verizon... I have serious
routing issues from a Verizon Business DSL line in Roslyn, NY to a
client's corporate office in San Diego. Lots of timeouts and horrendous
reply times, some close to 500ms. The delays all seem to be within
Verizon's network (

Verizon Online will not open a routing ticket for me without requiring
the client to tear down their current setup just to plug a computer
directly into the DSL. A few VOL techies have confirmed that there seems
to be a routing problem, not a DSL problem (duh, the circuit is fine, they
have no issues getting to most Internet sites) but if they don't follow
the stated policy they risk getting fired.

I'm just trying to escalate to someone who won't require me to run a
battery of tests on a DSL circuit that I know to be working properly.
Getting access to the DSL modem and plugging a computer in, due to the
layout of the Roslyn location, is not practical at all.

Thanks in advance.

I hate suggesting to a customer plugging in a computer straight to the DSL modem because a lot of times, especially at a business location, it's difficult.

However, 9 times out of 10 if you put a little effort into finding the DSL modem, it's usually not 'too difficult' to then unplug the cable and then plug a cable from the modem into a laptop.

If it's so difficult you can't do this, whoever placed the modem there to begin with ought to have their ass kicked.

Steve Sobol wroteth on 3/28/2007 3:57 PM:

Not impossible, but with the DSL modem at least ten feet off the floor,
it's a royal pain.

I have found someone at Verizon who has offered to look at the situation,
however. Thanks to you and especially to Richard G who offered to go out
there, but hopefully a site visit will not be necessary.