Netflow/sFlow generator for Linux with BGP support

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I'm currently switching from MikroTik CCR 1009 to SuperMicro 5018D-FN8T as small router. Now I'd love to integrate BGP infos into netflow/sflow, as MikroTik still doesn't have any support for that.

Are there any alternatives to nProbe (which supports BGP but is ways too expensive with its 300€)?



nProbe Pro is very good and worth the price for its proprietary high-speed ring PF_RING packet buffer implementation and plug-in support. If you can't afford the Pro version, the $50 embedded version lets you get familiar with outboard flow generation using a cheap EdgeOS device.

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Here's a link to the How-To for a cheap EdgeOS hardware probed:



You might want to try pmacct:


I agree. nProbe is a great solution. It scales and provides tons of metrics if you decide you need visibility beyond BGP.

Michael Patterson

That's definitely a good idea. +1

Affirmative, works like a charm.

Also the author is very responsive (has even answered to my dumb
questions in the list).

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