(Netflix/GlobalConnect a/s) Scheduled Open Connect Appliance upgrade is starting

Sent to NANOG,

Anyone from NETFLIX subscribed?

Could you please fix the below type notification e-mails to ALSO be
available if one ONLY USES PLAIN-TEXT email clients?

Currently the notice information is formatted in such a way the
PLAIN-TEXT section is completely EMPTY.
ONLY the HTML section contains information.

(E-mail client on my case is Thunderbird)

People use plain-text e-mail on purpose?

I do most of the time.

(*it is frustrating when content parity between HTML and PLAINTEXT
sections is e-mails is inconsistent. :confused: )

Yes. Next question?

Are you trying to start another flame war?

But to answer your question, yes.
  - Brian

I certainly hope to avoid this discussion currently!

(back to 1) @NETFLIX: Anybody willing to listen to previous stated
comment and take action on it?

  - Christoffer

Check with the contacts listed on their PeeringDB entry.

There is another kind of e-mail? Or are you referring to Web-Pages-over-SMTP?

Back when we were designing MIME, somebody (Vernon Schryver?) stated
that multipart/alternative with text/plain and text/html was *always* incorrect.

If the two parts are semantically equal, then one is superfluous and doesn't
need to be sent. (Remember bandwidth costs in 1992...)

If the two parts aren't semantically equal, then one part is deficient at best
and actively misleading at worst, and should not be sent.

Haha nice troll

Thanks for the feedback. I will make sure this gets forwarded to the correct group within Netflix.

(aka stacys@netflix.com)

Yes Mike,
All of my email clients are set to plain text only.

Email is for text. Not HTML. Not incredimail. You know that :slight_smile:

I’m fine with HTML emails to some extent (mainly the inclusion of clickable links) but I am not a fan of formatting.

Not to name any names, but there are a few people on this list that for whatever reason use different fonts or sizes. I like having all of my text the same size because I can then use the features built into my email client to change the size as I need for my eyes and the screen I am using. I am also able to change the font when the email does not already specify one. More importantly, what is the need to use a different font in your emails? One of the people that I converse with outside of this list uses a cursive font which is also in a different color. It’s very hard to read and I see no need for it at all.

The final reason that I dislike some HTML emails is because my email reader has a dark mode which is much more easy on the eyes. Some formatting, though I am unsure what (it appears to me imbedded images), causes the email to display with a white background instead of the dark gray that normally shows. This is both not nice to look at and out of place with the other emails.

While I don’t use a plain text email reader myself, I know that they are still commonly in use and have their place. One example of where I personally use one is on a terminal where I am automatically sending emails to interact with some email based systems.

Thanks ~ Bryce Wilson, AS202313, EVIX, AS137933/AS209762

That's the primary reason I am plain text only: people that think they're being whimsical by picking fonts and colors that are hard to read.

People use plain-text e-mail on purpose?


James R. Cutler
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Now if only we could get everyone to stop top-posting.

HTML gets converted to text here without images unless I want them.... the power of knowledge and ingenuity goes a long way.

Yes. It’s still a very effective anti spam technique.

The only way you'll get people to stop top-posting is to get them
to stop including every d*mn message in the thread in every posting.

With all that cr*p in there, any response at the bottom is lost.

Clearly, editing inclusions is a lost art.
  - Brian