NetFlix Down

There appears to be a login issue at Netflix. Calls to their 1-866-579-7113 number only yields a recording that they are experiencing a higher than normal call volume, try again later. Widespread?

Robert D. Scott
Senior Network Engineer 352-273-0113 Phone
CNS - Network Services 352-392-2061 CNS Phone Tree
University of Florida 352-273-0743 FAX
Florida Lambda Rail 352-294-3571 FLR NOC
Gainesville, FL 32611 321-663-0421 Cell

I am unable to login as well.

Ipad app says "Service Temporarily Unavailable" at the moment.

Netflix claims to be operating about 90% of their services out of aws and the only issue on the aws status page is a vpn end point issue from yesterday.

Unreachable from eastern Canada as well

Likewise from Hawaii. Guess this'll be another thing added to Chaos Monkey:

Streaming works here.