Net traffic explodes for NASA'S comet collision

I hope many of you saw this near- real-time. It was awsome.

Roy Mark writes for


Deep Impact's spectacular collision with the comet
Tempel 1 resulted in an explosion of record traffic
to the NASA Web site to see how it looked. The hyper-speed
demise of the ship's probe, as it smashed into a comet
half the size of Manhattan, generated approximately 80
million page views.

"It's off the scale," Brian Dunbar, NASA's Internet
Services Manager, told, noting the
previous traffic record was 30 million page views for
the Mars landing in 2004. "Hands down, it was a record


Pretty cool stuff. :slight_smile:

- ferg

ps. We should also be aware of how far AOL has come, too,
since the 1996 Victoria's Secret fashion show. From every
report, they pulled off streaming 7 simulateous video feeds
of the Live 8 concerts this past weekend without any substantial
problems whatsoever.

Time they are a'changin'.

I hope many of you saw this near- real-time. It was awsome.

It was indeed. I like to use Alexa to look at web site rankings, so here
is a comparison of the recent encounter and the Mars Rover landings

It does indeed seem to have been more popular.