this is not relevant to nanog, and because of the high likelihood that any
private reply i send will end up being posted to nanog later, i'm going to
drop out of this thread after this reply.

What I would expect is that you would choose between two things:

1. you blackhole but do NOT announce those netblocks;
2. you annonce AND deliver traffic to every host in it;

Don't you agree that announcing means delivering traffic?


Especially for customers.

you should read the terms of service in your abovenet customer agreement to
find out what customers can expect from abovenet.

> why are we discussing this on nanog?

Because seems violates the first thing needed in
internetworking: trust. If you tell me you will deliver traffic to $blah,
I think I may expect you to do so. That's my whole point. Nullroute as
much as you want but don't announce it on your border routers...

oh good, yet another pointless debate held in yet another ivory tower. bye.