Net::Perl::SSH for MRLG

Hello All ,

Has anyone successfully implemented Net::perl::ssh with mrlg . If yes
please unicast me.

The Perl module works fine but mrlg dosent seem to be able to connect to
the routers using that module .


I take it you're referring to Net::SSH::Perl? If so, why not stab your
brains out with a rusty fork? It's a lot more fun.

CPAN installation of this module generally doesn't work, which means either
explicit package dependency installation or else some system like freebsd,
where the default package installation works fine. Last time I counted, it
pulled in forty-something dependencies on a clean perl installation.

Haven't tried it with mrlg, but have got it to work with one of the other
LG packages. Each time there's an upgrade, it takes patience to diagnose
and fix the various problems.


Net::Appliance::Session has successfully worked for me.