net-co-op (was Re: who offers cheap (personal) 1U colo?)


Since your note earlier today there have been just under 200 fetches of
the html.

I've written to Byron Henderson and asked him to help me with the coop
formation. He and I worked on the .coop sTLD proposal, and as I mention
I discussed member-owned colo coop with Carolyn Hoover of the NCBA this
week, as well as the similar idea for bloggers as a vhost user class in
Rome last week.

There are not a lot of cooperatives out there ... Mt. Xinu was employee
owned. Poptel was an employee-owned coop in the ISP and hosting markets,
including the .coop registry implementor and operator, but recently was
forced to convert to structured venture-equity ownership. There is some
bandwidth purchaser's cooperative in the South West ...