needed Comcast engineer with clue

I apologize for bringing this to the list, but i have expended approximately 22 hours since monday on the problem without resolution and without consistent replies or consistent reliable response from comcast. The short version of situation is that i am getting between 11% and 52% packet loss to various IP adress. From the terminal window on OSX i run ping -s 1024 where the x's are the ip number. Under these conditions i cannot successfully sen an email with a two meg attachment. 609 394 2288 is the local number of the Trenton NJ office a few miles from my house. calls to there were routed to a national call center so that effort just failed.

If i could only reach someone in their engineering dept locally who could run some configuration tests on their local routers switches etc, they could probably save further visits to my house... next one scheduled sunday between 1 and 3pm. The network at the physical level is fine. This is a layer 3 tcp/ip problem. I have replaced my cable modem and done hours of trouble shooting within my house to confirm it is not on my side of the network. I was promised an engineer this morning with laptop. They didn't keep the promise and sent a tech who checked the physical signal and went away and apparently scheduled sundays visit.

comcast please contact me off or phone numbers below