Needed : AOL Network Contact

I seem to have a couple Class Cs that AOL’s portal servers are blocking and I would like to contact someone at AOL to discuss getting the blocks removed. I’ve tried going through their tech support but after multiple dead-ends and being told “AOL is a content provider and doesn’t have Network Support group, nor servers nor any people who take care of servers” multiple times I’m wondering if any one you may have a backside phone number or email I could try.

(I’ve already tried the number listed in their whois information but that only gets met to their Postmaster group and they also tell me they have no group that takes care of routers, IPs or servers.)

Thank-you for your time and any help anyone may be able to offer.

David Brinks — Power-Net Internet Services — Network Manager

This seems like a good time to point out once again Jared Mauch's list of NOC
contact numbers. If that's not a sufficient hint to let you find it, now
that you know it exists, let me know offlist, and I'll mail you the URL.

-- jra

.. and of course