need utillity that can do complex tcp replay

I need to find utility for testing of application debugging issue that
can replay captured ip traffic, something similar to description at:

Basicly what I want is to capture data for several hours on the server (preferably with tcpdump) and then I'd like to replay requests that came to server from another computer that would act as a client and simulate
this traffic including using the same ip addresses as on the original captured packets, but all would be sent to different server which has
basically same setup & data as original but with debugging & testing
utilities (and with possibility to run application in debugging mode).
So what would be replayed would all be new TCP requests but contain same data as original and testing server would have direct 1-1
connection to a "simulated client" with this captured data and this
client would need to be able to replay TCP packets creating sequence
that is same order as original. Note that what I need to debug is
actually HTTPS which may present additional problems (including various timing issues since Expires header can not be rewritten without decoding encrypted data, but for that I'll reset time on the test server to be exactly same as it was when data was captured; but I'm sure there other other issues).

While I'd greatly prefer to find unix-based open-source package that
can do above, I'll consider other including commercial alternatives.
If you know of something that can do it, please reply.

It appears that you have already found it. what's wrong with tcp-replay?

i'm not sure exactly what you mean by "simulated client". are you
looking for interactivity?

i saw this problem/need described well in chapter 4 of microsoft press
"Hunting Security Bugs". the authors of the book provide a tool
called MITM (on their companion site). The book also provides a link
to a tool called Interactive TCP Relay

the Unix opensource tools netcat, scapy, and blackbag (especially
telson, blit) may also help out.

also, in particular for HTTPS, you may want to consider using a local
http proxy such as the very popular burpproxy. there are scripts to
parse and replay burp's logfiles generated from request/responses
available in various places, including Network Security Tools from