Hi Nanog Members,

I've been troubleshooting this problem for a few days already but i'm still
unable to fix it. I think it's now time to ask some help from Nanog members.

I cannot ping the IP on my Cisco 6509 from the internet.

Here are the setup:
*Internet*---(copper)-->*GSR*----(fiber)--->* Cisco 6509* <<<<<This setup
is NOT OK - I cannot ping
*Internet*---(copper)-->*GSR*----(copper)---> *Cisco 6509* <<<<< This
setup is OK - I can ping(this is directly connected to the PRP2)


   - I am using PRP2 on my GSR and the fiber is connected to the 4xGE module
   - I have a default route from Cisco 6509 to GSR
   - From the 6509 I can only ping the IP addresses on the GSR, addresses
   outside the GSR are not reachable
   - From the internet, I can only ping up to the GSR
   - I can ping from GSR to 6509 and vise versa
   - The IP on the 6509 is configured on the interface that is directly
   connected to the GSR.


Quite out of the context of the connectivity issue you're trying to troubleshoot, it's in fact extremely desirable to have your 6509 (and all your routers, for that matter) unpingable from the outside your own network. The BCP is to use iACLs, CoPP, et. al. to keep out all unsolicited traffic headed to, as opposed to through (like traceroute, pinging customer hosts, etc.), your network infrastructure.