need routed configuration help

Hello everyone.

I'm not sure if this is the correct list, but I was informed that this list is where all of the routing experts can be found, so I am sending this plea for help to this list.

Basically, I need to confirm some configuration information and make sure I've set up everything properly. I am seeing some very strange behavior and need to rule out local misconfiguration as the cause. I am not a routing expert, so I need confirmation.

We had to configure a customer's server to function in a co-location facility (not of our choosing) that has a gateway IP address that is outside of the locally defined network block (Class C).

The OS is FreeBSD 4.4. I did some digging and discovered that I needed to enable 'routed' and create some static routes to the gateway IP outside of the local network block to be able to reach the Internet.

I uncommented the


entry (IP has been changed to protect parties involved) in the rc.conf file and added the


entry. I then added the following entries to the rc.local file:

    route add default -interface -netmask
    route add -net -interface -netmask
    route add default

I came up with these routes by trial and error, and am not convinced that these are the correct entries to use.

I can reach the Internet and the nameserver (which is also outside of the local network block), and can ping and traceroute without any problems.

But,... every once in a while certain programs start timing out and/or take a really long time to respond (to the point of failure due to time-out on the other end). Some of these programs are telnet, ssh, ftp, radius.

Other programs/protocols (such as http traffic) do not display the same behavior.

So, I am seeking advice on how to configure static routes correctly and/or if some other issues may be causing this strange, intermitten behavior.

Please let me know if I implemented this incorrectly...


if youre doing a static route, no need for routed. As root, fire uo
/stand/sysinstall, select post install config, network interfaces, the one
you want, and have at it. Its a fill in the blanks screen.

Brian "Sonic" Whalen
Success = Preparation + Opportunity


If you can ping the outside world, and traceroutes etc work just fine my
guess would be you are seeing some kind of DNS related timeout. Does
your IP space reverse resolve? I.e. if you nslookup does it
resolve to your host's domain name? Does your forward lookup match your

Connecting to hosts that use wrappers etc on their Telnet, SSH, FTP can
take forever if you don't have reverse entries. This is because they
typically do a reverse lookup and forward lookup on your IP and DNS name
(respectivly) and so if you don't have entries properly set up you have
to wait for their DNS queries to timout. HTTP probably is fine because
it isn't normally wrapped, and may not do a reverse then forward look up
upon connect.

Last thing, you've got the static routes, no need to run the routing
daemon. You can set router_enable="NO".

        regards, -DAL-