Need qualified packers/shippers for racked equipment

Hi all,

   I have received marching orders to pull our hardware out of a
datacenter in Chicago and have it distributed within our company.
We are migrating to the next generation of the application hosted
there and bringing everything in-house. This decision is all about
the money and has nothing to do with the colocation company.

   I have read through the similar thread started by Mr. Zito in
August of 2003 (, but my requirements are
slightly different. They include:

1) Must be able to insure for more than $50,000 per shipment
2) No real rush - 5-7 days should be acceptable
3) Must be able to ship full racks _including_ packing/crating - we
   will have staff on-site to pull the site down, but we would
   rather have the shipper handle packaging
4) Should have solid experience shipping high-value data equipment
5) Multiple shipments to different destinations within a week's
6) Not all destinations will have a dock for offloading
7) There will be ~8 racks, plus two HP XP256 cabinets

   I am open to emails from salesfolk as long as they're reasonable.
For right now, I just need contacts with shippers that are qualified
and recommended by the community, so we can start working on quotes.
I'm looking at the first (small) shipment leaving Chicago around
the first week of November, with the remainder of the site shipping
the first week of December.

   I will of course summarize back to the list, so feel free to email
me off-list if you like.

Thanks much!


With that kind of gear, and only 8 racks I really wonder how much the colo provider was charging you to justify bringing the application in-house.. eesh.


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