Need photographs of IT/Telecom gear/rooms


  I have been given the opportunity to teach the mechanics of the Internet to a group of 6 - 12'th grade students, and as an engineer and owner of an ISP I have it in mind to really get into this and show these kids how, really, all this stuff works and to make it fun and exciting. I can't take them on a tour of an ATT central office to show off one of my DSLAMs for example, nor can I really show them what a colocation or IX looks like since they are too far away to drive. I was hoping any of you would be kind enough to provide pictures of these types of environments, especially rack mounted switch/router hardware, fiber optic cabling short and long haul, international undersea cable anchor points, or anything else that would make for a good slide presentation in this context. These kids are in a very rural community where marijuana is the main source of income (followed by meth), and have little access to adults doing this type of stuff in the real world. My focus will also include introducing these kids to the concept of having something better such as a career in information technology and talking about ways they themselves might get involved and on track that way, so these photographs would be extremely helpful to light their young minds and get them thinking about their futures.

Thank you all.



  You might be able to glean some interesting pictures from:

* That's actual cables and racks and such, not cinemax late night video =)


I'd probably lift some images from google images personally...

EG: data center - Google Search

Loads of good images on Flickr too:

I did this at career day last spring for my daughter's fifth grade class.
They were a bit young to get too deep into the nitty gritty, but they
completely ate up the presentation and it was really gratifying to get notes
and emails (all voluntarily sent) from some of the kids talking about how
much they learned. All the kids love the Internet and using computers and
other related gadgets, so I was a total hit. I'm sure you will be too.
Enjoy the experience.


There are some fairly interesting photos of the Verizon CO that took a hit on 9/11 at

I recall far back in my memory some posts on this from a decade ago that pointed to some websites that had more photos.

Was kind of surreal to see switch gear and open air in the same photo.


There's a German TV program (Die Sendung mit der Maus - the program with the mouse) that has been doing "how stuff works" kind of segments for a long time, and they did one on "the Internet" some ten years back. A version with English subtitles is here:

While it is simplified, I find it surprisingly accurate despite the reenactment.



    I have been given the opportunity to teach the mechanics of the Internet to a group of 6 - 12'th grade students,

Show them this movie: